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Terms of Use Agreement/Privacy
The photos on this site have been compressed and re-sized for faster download. You may download the photos for your personal use free of charge. However, if photos are to be used in publications or other commercial use, permission is required. Larger sizes are available suitable for printing up to poster size. Contact the webmaster for information.

It is understood that pictures may be taken thoughout the year of various games, contest and other activities that involve the Athens High School Football team and their opponents. These pictures may be of players, coaches, managers,students, fans.

If for some reason you do not wish to have your picture or child's picture displayed on the web, please notify the person taking the picture(s). If photo is of entire team, kindly remove your child(ren) from the area prior to photo.

In the event that your picture or child(s) picture is posted and you want it removed, simply contact us. You must included what page(s) the picture is on, your name and phone number. You will be contacted to verify that information is correct. All efforts will be made to remove and/or edit photo in a timely manner.

All or none of the pictures submitted may not be used.

Pictures used may be edited and resized to fit into the overall layout of the site.

No compensation is given for use of picture(s).

Athens High School Football, Athens High School, it's affiliates and/or the webmaster assumes no responsibility whatsoever from any problem that might arise through the posting of picture(s) on this website, other website or social media.

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